A Day In The Life #17

Monday 25th

 photo P3250396640x480_zpseddd871c.jpg
Time check. This is my final full day in Buigiri and so Operation Empty-The-House commences.

 photo P3250398640x480_zpsf0fea19f.jpg
I spy this dictionary which I left in the village in 2009. It has had some good use! Its new owner added my name to the back page and has tried his best to spell the name of my home town.

 photo P3250399640x480_zps6d3a969e.jpg
Catherine pays me a visit to collect some sun cream. I bring plenty of bottles out each year for the albinos. She also gets some food for her family.

 photo P3250401640x480_zps30042d62.jpg
The silliness resumes. This box is a remnant from the previous night’s entertaining of the teachers.

 photo P3250402640x480_zpsb2a737aa.jpg
Meet Jose. He is sporting a shirt I brought out last year. His education is being funded by the family of my flatmate.

 photo P3250403640x480_zps811e8abc.jpg
I can’t believe I have even more shirts to hand out. It has been a never ending pile. The top Britol City shirt is clearly the most sought after. Or at least it should be.

 photo P3250404640x480_zps0b3e2076.jpg
The box sure is generating some fascinating stares.

 photo P3250406640x480_zps5261d6c8.jpg
Shane fishes out the last of the water. We have no running water and this tank collects rain water which lands on our roof.

 photo P3250407640x480_zps64e448d4.jpg
A girl comes around selling these cake things for breakfast. I think they are made from a combination of rice and grease.

 photo P3250408640x480_zpsdc92900b.jpg
As one of the few houses to have electricity, we find we have become a phone-charging centre.

 photo P3250409640x480_zps87aefb35.jpg
Next job is the final food distribution of the trip. This is for the 12 members of the blind rehab centre.

 photo P3250410640x480_zpsfed3bd14.jpg
On the left is Kapingo who is the only guy who speaks English. On the right is Simba. He isn’t from the centre but I had promised him an extra portion of maize so he met us with the others.

 photo P3250413640x480_zps6b1434fc.jpg
Everyone together for the customary photo. We have supplied enough food for approximately 7,000 meals this trip.

 photo P3250414640x480_zps8448d0e3.jpg
Time to pay.

 photo P3250415640x480_zpsa165bf7c.jpg
This lot cost around £100

 photo P3250417640x480_zpsa2cc2dc7.jpg
Eva and Agnes pay me a visit. A friend from work gives a little money to get them food, uniforms, clothes and other items each year. He gave me these two toys to hand them this trip. I wonder if Buigiri has ever seen a boomerang before. I hope they like it and don’t try to throw it away.

 photo P3250419640x480_zps6f3ca8ff.jpg
The two at the back do much of my cooking. They were delighted to get these shirts.

 photo P3250420640x480_zps9aed9705.jpg
I don’t recall what was going on here.

 photo P3250421640x480_zps3ba9fb5e.jpg
A friend who works for WPT magazine gave me these shirts to hand out.

 photo P3250422640x480_zpsb2e20e8d.jpg
And yet more football shirts found their way on to people’s backs

 photo P3250423640x480_zps52cb6e48.jpg
I gather all the other bits together and head to the home of the big boss of the Tanzanian League for the Blind

 photo P3250430640x480_zpse4d5768c.jpg
He will ensure they go to the correct places. The bulkiest items are the glasses. They will end up with the eye specialists at Mvumi Hospital. The Bop-it toys will get used by the blind kids and the sun cream will go to the albinos who live further afield.

 photo P3250425640x480_zps7cfb6707.jpg
A local guy I knew from when he was at secondary school in 1999 is now the boss of a small safari company. He funnels part of his income in to building a library in the village. Prices of text books are prohibitive, so a central store should enable many students to succeed at school.

 photo P3250427640x480_zps5a97110a.jpg
Next stop is to see Mr Tongu. On top is a talking calculator for the staffroom and underneath are 3 maps of Africa my boss gave me to bring and which will end up on the classroom walls to aid geography lessons.

 photo P3250429640x480_zps927d670a.jpg
This swing is the only functioning part of the playground.

 photo P3250431640x480_zpsdd0f636c.jpg
I hand out the remaining hats

 photo P3250432640x480_zpsc568e5df.jpg
And find two recipients for these braille playing cards. That is Nico on the left and Salim on the right. Years ago I travelled around some remote villages looking for blind children who could join the school and Salim was a product of that search.

 photo P3250434640x480_zpsb97dfe53.jpg
I also hand out two replacement radios for a couple which had broken – I got a bunch of cheap ones off Ebay before I came and they are quite useless. Plus I give out batteries for other radios.

 photo P3250436640x480_zpsc2d89055.jpg
I say my goodbyes to the blind children as this is my last visit to the school.

 photo P3250437640x480_zpscb0950aa.jpg
As I head off I spy this boy trying to hunt birds. If he succeeds then his family will get a little extra meat for their supper.

 photo P3250438640x480_zps658bd58b.jpg
Rehydration time.

 photo P3250440640x480_zps6c913e4b.jpg
And refoodation.

 photo P3250441640x480_zps867937cc.jpg
I get home and look in on our cooks. As it is our final night we have asked for two chickens to be devoured.

 photo P3250443640x480_zps2d81bbee.jpg
Years ago I saw these two boys dancing with a choir so I arranged a small dance off competition between them.

 photo P3250444640x480_zps22279496.jpg
Albert was the winner.

 photo P3250446640x480_zpsf34dfe8b.jpg
Unusually I am in no rush on my final day so I fire up a DVD. Eventually we had about 15 people crowded around my laptop. We watched Africa United which is a charming film set in and around Tanzania.

 photo P3250447640x480_zpsdc53a17f.jpg
After dinner we went to the bar for a final session with the teachers. I was exhausted though and stuck to soda.

 photo P3250451640x480_zpsdd2ef75c.jpg
I’m not quite sure what I am trying to convey here

 photo P3250453640x480_zpsc52cd18e.jpg
Just as we head home, this critter decides to pay a visit to wish me goodnight. I crawl in to bed arond 2.30am and my alarm is set for 3 hours later. This has been a fantastic trip and pretty much everything has gone as smoothly as possible. It has also been great having Shane out there with me. Thanks to Ampleforth College, OLQH, UWE and UoB who gave me items to bring, or cold hard cash – plus thanks to everyone else who kindly added to my warchest, there are too many to name and I’m sure some of you prefer the anonymity. You are all stars.


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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