Unsurprisingly my name is Tom and a little bit of my life is spent in Tanzania. I have made 8 trips to Buigiri village since 1999 and in total have spent around 18 months there. When there I am based at a school for the blind. Buigiri has a sizeable population of blind adults and children, many of whom are connected with the school. I spend my time trying to improve the lives of the local community and I go about this in many many different ways. I guess the key things I do are: I supply food and medicine, get children into education, and set up small businesses for families to run. Though this is really only the tip of the iceberg. I’m not affiliated with any charity although I operate alongside the Tanzanian League for the Blind. I fund all of my own costs and much of the money I spend out there is raised in the UK either by friends or by the children at Ampleforth College in Yorkshire and Our Lady Queen of Heaven in Wandsworth, London. My email address is tfeilding@hotmail.com and you are of course very welcome to ask any questions or to offer advice.


5 Responses to About

  1. Dawei says:

    What a wonderful thing you’re doing Mr Tom!

  2. Good job Tom..i am impressed

  3. Monica H. Ashery says:

    My very sincere prayers to you Tom, admiration and appreciation altogether. I worked with the Diocese of Central Tanganyika from 1980 to 1988 before I came to the US for studies, Buigiri was part of my assignments when it came to grants under the leadership of the late Canon Meshack Medda who perished on a car accidents a few yards to the school from Dodoma where we had worked all day on a Saturday then went different ways after he dropped me home. He and George Hart came to my mind the moment I read your story! I am glad you chose Buigiri and I pray for support to follow you and your mission to the end of the age. Blessings!

  4. Euster says:


    Thank you for good information about buigiri.
    Are there any initiative on use of solar for lightening do you think it could be useful at the school and the village?
    Thank you once again

    • Tom Feilding says:


      There has been an initiative in the past. There are a few broken solar panels on one of the houses. I think the issue is the upkeep of them. Even if they were given for free, the maintenance would also have to be provided as even though they would save on their Tanesco bills, the money would just get soaked up elsewhere. Ideally solar would be all over East Africa – it is a brilliant solution to the energy problem, plus very green. It is just a shame it only seems to be adopted in areas away from the national grid.

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