A day in the life #11 (2011)

Morning world. Last night was a late one and the day started with a hangover.

I’m usually up by 7 so this was a lie in. I still only had about 5 hours sleep though.

I pop some pills for breakfast. Anti-malaria pills to be precise

Meet Kieran. He joined me in the village the day before having climbed Kiliminjaro. He is a friend from my home city of Bristol, UK. We went for a walk around the village and were invited into this man’s home. I like wandering around cos something random always happens.

At midday we go to one of the village maize traders to distribute some maize. We have drawn up a list of names of those who will be getting 40kg each. There were many people not on the list who wanted food but we had to say no cos we simply did not have the budget or even available cash for more. Saying no to giving starving Africans food? All in a day’s work!

We had mainly picked disabled people plus some of the elderly, such as this gent on the right.

Time check. Everything goes slowly in Africa and it takes a lot of preperation to ensure things happen in a timely manner. I have so much to do on this trip that I cant afford to be sitting around waiting for people so I’m a bit of a hard task master.

Two of the spectators

Kieran and I would read out a name and in they’d come with their sack and get their food.

Hullo. With the recipients outside the shop.

Next stop is the butcher to get lunch. Every part is eaten. Including the goat’s face. Lovely.

And this is what we get – 1kg of BBQed goat

Hullo again

After lunch we go home and are met by this woman. Her leg was in a very painful looking brace and she needed help to replace it. I have a steady stream of visitors like this to my house. Some I am able to assist, others I can make a contribution and some get turned away empty handed.

The next main job of the day is to distribute items at the blind school. Ive been building up my supplies over the past couple of weeks to ensure every kid gets a tshirt, jeans, pants, socks, shoes, toothpaste/brush, sweets, biscuits, skincream and two types of soap

We enlisted the help of children to carry the bags to the school by bribing them with haribo.

Organisation is key to getting this kind of job done – so we get more kids to order all the shoes

Hullo again. Tech on the left is a villager who is fun to hang out with and always eager to help.

May the distribution begin

Kieran and I were in menswear

It was hard work getting everything done right, so we relaxed with a soda back at home after

I brought out a bunch of wind up radios – I gave one to Thomas and he was jumping with joy

Meanwhile our various electronic gadgets provide yet more entertainment

Early evening time check

Next to the house is Mr Omary, a blind teacher at the school. This pic looks like I’m telling him off, but we were just discussing coming plans.

The house soon fills with children

Though they are great to relax with

Im not quite sure what is going on here but Mr Pringle sneakily snuck in to the frame.

More play

As we pass through the school we distribute some suncream to the albino children

Now we play with the blind children. Though only a few are totally blind.

Another timecheck

Dindins. Chip omelette.

We were joined by this little fellow. A rhino beetle


Its fun being silly

Joining some of the blind teachers for a chat and a drink

So much for an early night. I seem to exist in a constant state of tiredness


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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