Photos from Tanzania #1 (2010)

A teacher in Buigiri has sent me a film which I have had developed. It shows how the money raised by OLQH School has been spent.

Bahati and Willy are both being sponsored. Bahati by the school and Willy by a friend of mine. I like how Bahati’s belt is a US distress signal.

The four orphan girls being sponsored. The sponsorship money includes things like the books, maths kits, uniforms, shoes and even desks and chairs in the photo.

This pic and the next one show the rehab centre collecting some maize. I think they received two loads of 500kg.

Gideon, second from left, is also being sponsored at school by the money raised.

Shows some of the villagers who also received maize from the money. That is Sarah on the left who did my washing in 2008/2009 and on the right is Mamma Happy. She rarely looks happy. The girl is her daughter who doesn’t go to school but leads her blind mother around all day

This is Flora – the blind girl with the blind child.

Thomas. Now named Thomas 3. I am Thomas 2 and another boy is Thomas 1.

Some of the boys from the school – I like this photo as it shows their personalties a bit. I do sometimes wonder if people who see these pics just see a group of people all the same or whether they see them as individuals. These children all got items like soap, underwear and combs with the money.

Sarafina and Rose with skin cream.

David on the left is one of the teachers and he co-ordinated the money spending as I was in the UK at the time. These photographs were taken with his camera.


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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