A day in the life #9 (2010)

Sorry for the ugly pic but I’ve done enough fake sleep pics now and the day usually starts with a yawn.

I see the mess from the previous evening.

I get some early morning visitors who are after one thing or another like maize or medication.

First time check.

I head down to meet Mr Msaka. In the past I’ve helped him start a small animal business and this trip I offered to give him an extra goat. A female goat has two kids a year and that can generate just enough money to get sufficient maize for himself. On previous trips Ive had babies named after my mother and sister, but nothing after me – so Msaka said he would call the goat ‘Tom’.

I head up through the school to see Ezekial sneaking a look at me – he has a permanant smile on his face and that in turn always makes me smile.

Next destination is the tailoress. Her husband is one of the blind teachers so its good to bung some work her way. I’m here to collect the uniforms for later.

Now boring computer stuff. I was given this laptop by my work and it now belongs to the blind school, but I used it during my time in the village.

Malaria pill time

I went for a walk around the eastern part of the village as I rarely go there. I like going for walks cos something interesting always happens.

During the walk I go past this guy’s house. I’ve given some support to his son and grandchildren and he invited me inside his home to say thanks.

Next I see this fellow giving me the eye.

And now with Kenneth – he and his daughter Nyemo featured in an ADIML I did a year or so ago.

And here is Ezekial again, this time at my house.

I always have children playing nearby. Its good spending time with them as it is a break from dealing with the serious things.

Now to the uniforms – these 11 children (including Alfa who appeared in my last ADIML) live harder than normal lives so I sorted them out with new school uniforms.

Next destination was the storeroom in my house. I brought loads of stuff with me and this box is destined for the blind in Mpwapwa town – they also featured in a previous ADIML.

In the afternoon I held the second conference call of my trip – this time six children from the blind school ask questions to school children in London about their lives.

Time check

Omary paid a visit – he has been in plenty of ADIMLs.

Now to the school as I wanted to take a snap of…

Pasquina and Salim. Last trip I travelled around some villages 5 or 6 hours away from Buigiri to find blind children who are hidden away at home – the product of that trip was these two starting at the school in January. Leaving his house was a big shock for Salim and it took weeks for him to even speak when he arrived, but now he is very happy, loves the school and is getting an education.

I like to play cards so brought some braille playing cards out with me as a gift.

I spend alot of time just chatting on the steps to the dorms. Jose in the middle is holding his radio which he won in a dance competition featured in an ADIML.

In the evening Amin came for dinner.

As always there is way too much food but it isn’t hard to find a few empty tummies that need filling.

I head down to the bar and pass through the school where I again stop and play for a bit.

Thomas with another of the radios. Its amazing just how much radios and talking watches are valued out here.

I play a game which gets far too loud so I head off before a teacher comes along

Tech has also been in past ADIMLs – these are two of his young brothers.

Time check

We are joined by Amin, but its getting late so I soon head home

Final timecheck

And a final yawn to end the day as it started.


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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  1. Dawei says:

    makes me sleepy *yawn* 🙂

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