Teresa and Simon in Zanzibar (2009)

Peace and quiet has returned! Imogen flew back to England last Monday and I travelled from Dar back to my house. On Monday, Teresa and Simon arrived for 3 nights. Imogen and I had spent a couple of days with them on Zanzibar and Buigiri was the final-ish leg of their trip. They are now on the Dar bus and will spend a couple of days on a beach before flying home.

Sipping Mojitos on Zanzibar

Where we stayed. I think Teresa and Simon have stayed in 10 different places over 14 days which is pretty impressive.

The sunset from Zanzibar’s west coast.

Joining in during a football game. I made a brief appearance where I scored a penalty. I distracted the boy in goal by telling him there was an elephant behind him and then the ball hit one of the many bumps and lept over his outstretched hand.


The children love being spun around. The only problem is it leaves you so dizzy you can barely stand and then you have to endure a dozen kids clamouring for their turn.

Heading back to the house. Teresa was ill, I suspect she caught too much sun and over-exerted herself. That is why she is absent from many of the photos.

Teaching the children a cardgame on my porch.

I wonder if he had heard of a glass.

I had 3 of these beasts outside my house this morning.


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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