Bukoba and Buigiri (2009)

It’s been a while since I added some photos, so here goes:

This is Lake Victoria taken from my hotel room in Bukoba.

We’ve had some teachers training to work with special needs children living at the school for 6 weeks and this was their graduation ceremony. I had to stand up and introduce myself – I hate public speaking at the best of times and its even trickier when using another language. My piece seemed to go ok though and I got a couple of laughs at the intended moments.

Their ceremonies have far more music and dancing than ours back at home.

Some of the choir are reading braille

The kids go crazy when music plays. They are all really good dancers. Ive learnt a little tribal dancing, but it usually just results in people laughing their guts up.

After the ceremoney the adults were having special food and sodas and the children were eating their usual crap, so I bought them all a drink.

Not at all camp.

I gave my camera to a boy and this is the photo he took. I think its pretty good.

The spare balloons were a big hit.

One boy converted the broken balloons into a catapult.

I gave out a few toy cars. This is Nico.

And this is Reuben. He is only 5 years old – that’s very young to be at boarding school.

I got home to see these two girls learning to cook on a tiny fire.

Finally, me outside my house with some children.


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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