Distributing clothes (2008)

Yesterday I handed out some clothes which were a gift from my Mum. I also showed some of the children of the rehab centre a couple of episodes of Mr Bean. As there is little dialogue, it is perfect for the wee nippers. Some of them laughed and laughed whilst others just stared blankly. There was one scene from a dog show (Mr Bean wins the agility section by entering his teddy bear and then pulling him around the course)(no sniggering at the last parenthesis please). The children were in awe of the different types of dogs as over here the only dogs are semi-feral mongrel mutts.

This lizard was trapped in a window

Mr Bean


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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