Arriving in Buigiri (2008)

I am now settled in Buigiri – Ive been here for 5 days and met most of the people I wanted to see. The kids are both shy and outgoing in equal measure. The money you guys have contributed over the past couple of years has gone a long way out here. It is quite common for children to come up to me and say ‘thank you for my clothes’ or ‘thank you for my comb’ or somesuch. This has to be a quick update as time is running out in this internet cafe, but i have a Facebook group with lots of pics and vids on. Here are some pics anyhow:

This is Sara. 50quid of the last load of money that went out was enough to get her set up with her newborn baby and start a small business after she was kicked out of home. She is blind.

A broken slide I hope to get mended

Pratting about

The last load of money also bought Charles some asthma medicine. Ive got him some more today and will top him up when I leave

I planted these in 1999

A classroom in the blind school

Gotta run!


About Imo & Tom Feilding

I'm in my 30s and work for the University of Bristol, I regularly visit Buigiri Village slapbang in the centre of Tanzania in East Africa. It is a very poor semi-desert area. I spend much of my time and money helping individuals improve their situation and I write about it on here.
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